Referring Physicians:

The easiest method for referring your patients to Allcare Rehabilitation is by faxing a prescription to our office at
(813) 759-8254. Once we have received the prescription, we will call the patient to set up their evaluation appointment. You may also give the patient a hard copy of the prescription which they can bring in to our office.

If the patients' insurance requires pre-authorization, once the authorization is obtained, it can be faxed to our office along with the prescription so that the patient's appointment can be scheduled.

If you have any questions, you may contact us by phone at 813-754-1062.

Initial Evaluation:

On the first visit, the patient will be given a comprehensive initial examination. The Physical Therapist will send a report to the referring physician with a list of goals to be achieved and a Plan of Care to reach those objectives.

Progress Reports:

Each patient's progress will be periodically re-assessed and a progress report will be forwarded to the referring physician. In particular, the report will be done prior to the patient's next visit with their physician. This will ensure that you, as the physician, have all the relevant objective data in hand when you next see your patient.

We appreciate the confidence that you, as the referring physician, show by referring your patients to us.

It is our goal to provide quality outpatient physical therapy to each patient that is entrusted to us, and to work with the physician closely to best achieve that goal.

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