Osteoporosis Care


Osteoporosis irreversibly damages bone. Therefore, physical therapy strives to prevent further degeneration and to correct underlying medical conditions that cause bone demineralization. Calcium, vitamin D, hormone therapy, medication and appropriate weight bearing exercises all can be used as weapons in the fight against osteoporosis.

At Allcare our experienced staff have five main goals in the area of physical therapy intervention for individuals with osteoporosis including:

  • Promotion of bone formation
  • Fall prevention
  • Fracture prevention
  • Post fracture rehabilitation
  • Treatment of other musculoskeletal conditions that limit mobility and increase the risk of falling or fracture.

Body mechanics training, postural exercises and education with activities of daily living, mobility aids, protective equipment, flexibility exercises, balance training, fall risk assessment and education are all essential modes of physical therapy treatment that should be utilized to achieve these goals.

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