What Should a Physical Therapy Session Look Like?

The goal of your first physical therapy session should be to evaluate your condition, list your concerns and your goals. Concerns are things like costs involved, muscle and joint pain, time required, making symptoms worse with exercise, etc. Goals include would you would like to be able to do after physical therapy treatment has been completed. Things like, getting back to playing your favorite sports, regaining independence with daily activities, improving balance and safety when walking or performing daily activities, etc..

Once the physical therapist completes the evaluation they should be able to construct a custom tailored program that will address your concerns and enable you to achieve your goals.

Treatment can include both passive and active forms of treatment.
Passive treatment includes things like hot/cold packs, ultrasound, TENS, and massage. Active forms of treatment include range of motion exercises, flexibility exercises, posture training, body mechanics training, safety training, coordination training, balance training, strengthening and conditioning exercises.

The physical therapists experience, training and knowledge play a critical role in how successful your program will be in addressing your concerns and achievement of your goals. Finding the right physical therapy facility can make all the difference. Don’t get discouraged if you have had a bad experience with physical therapy in the past. Do your homework and ask family and friends who they recommend. Your family physician can also guide you to a knowledgeable physical therapist who can help you improve your condition and address your concerns.

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