What Can a Physical Therapist Do for You if you have Arthritis?

  • Develop a custom tailored plan to improve flexibility, joint range of
    motion, strength, endurance, coordination and balance to restore functional capabilities.
  • Teach proper posture, and body mechanics for common daily activities to relieve pain and improve function.
  • Recommend different treatment options, such as braces and splints to support unstable painful joints, shoes inserts to relieve stress on the lower extremities and back, and custom tailored treatment aimed at easing joint pain and stiffness.
  • Suggest modifications to your environment, such as ergonomic chairs, desk arrangements, computer setups, etc. to relieve painful symptoms and improve function.
  • Instruct on how to incorporate energy conservation techniques as well as efficient planning and pacing of daily activities to minimize chances of aggravating symptoms.
  • Show you how to properly select and use assistive devices such as walkers and canes.

For more information on Physical Therapy Treatment for Arthritis, please contact us by phone at (813) 754-1062 or by email at allcare1214@gmail.com.

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