I was sent to physical therapy for lower back pain and sciatica.  My back was so bad at times I couldn’t stand up straight.  After physical therapy I really feel as though I am stronger in my back and stomach.  I can tell the difference in my flexibility.  I am also leaving feeling as though I have a good solid program I can now carry out at home.  This program has given me a lot of needed encouragement to get myself in better shape.


I was sent to physical therapy due to lower back pain.  I then was diagnosed with lumbar disk disease.  I would like to say therapy has been excellent.  When I came in I could barely move and walking with a little limp.  Today , one month later, I am walking out of here feeling really good.  I began with aquatic exercises and have continued them here and at home.  These exercises are wonderful for the back.  I also have been getting back massages and ultrasounds.  These are also great!  Be careful don’t fall asleep!  Overall my experience here has been the best.  Thanks so much to Dan and all staff.  If I need any future help I know where to come…Allcare!  Thanks bunches!


I was sent to physical therapy for severe neck and shoulder pain. After 30 days, I am pain free and can do all the things that I was unable to do before physical therapy. The staff at Allcare is very understanding and they do their best to make the therapy process painless. I would recommend Allcare to everyone or anyone if they have need of therapy.


I was sent to physical therapy for neck and lower back pain. I had great improvement with my physical therapy. My strength and flexibility has improved. I am able to get out of bed with ease and my neck and lower back pain has improved from an 8/10 to a 0/10. The staff at Allcare was very pleasant and knowledgeable. I would recommend my family and friends to your facility.