My doctor suggested I have physical therapy after my back surgery to help with my recovery.  After having physical therapy I am much more limber in my lower back area.  My husband says he can see a large improvement in my back.  I now have less pain.


W.D. ,

I was sent to physical therapy for low back pain and shoulder pain.  I began with aquatic therapy and was very pleased with it.  As I improved, I progressed to land therapy.  The exercises were very beneficial.  With the home exercise program I will be able to maintain the level of improvement I am at now.  I highly recommend Allcare.


I came to physical therapy after having surgery for a total knee replacement. I was in so much pain, if it had not been for my physical therapist working with me, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I can walk really good now without any pain. Believe me when I say, they are the best; I am glad that I came to Allcare where the physical therapists knew how to help me work past my pain. I feel like I am healed now. If I ever have to come back to physical therapy, it will be with Allcare. Thanks everyone for all of your help.

S.R. ,

Thank you, Allcare, for the orthotics. I will now be able to play basketball without my feet hurting all the time.