To Dan and all my friends at Allcare,

Thank you so much for helping me recover from ACL surgery. Being physically active is important to me, so I knew I would have to work hard in order to get my knee back in shape (and to get back to my beloved Zumba). Having been to Allcare previously for a shoulder problem, I knew I would be in good hands. Dan created a unique recovery plan for me based on my specific injury/surgery as well as my own goals for recovery. He then modified my program based on constant evaluation of my progress. I have no doubt that my recovery time was shorter than it would have been had I not had the help and guidance from Allcare. It was a pleasure working with all of the staff at Allcare and if I ever need physical therapy again, I’ll be back!




K.C. ,

I first came to Allcare due to poor balance, frequent falls, use of a cane etc.   Also, I had been badly injured by a horse kick from behind which slammed me on my knee.  All of the staff at Allcare have been wonderful and I have come a long way.  I recommend Allcare to everyone!



My doctor sent me to Allcare after a total knee replacement. When I first came in I was barely able to walk.  I have been in therapy for almost three months. At times I was very discouraged and worried my knee would never be the same again.  The staff at Allcare would always encourage me to stay positive and to not give up.  I am now able to do everything I could do before my surgery.  I highly recommend Allcare!  They spent extra time and took great care of me.





I was sent to physical therapy because I fell and broke my right arm and pelvis.  Before I started physical therapy I was very limited and in a lot of pain.  Now I can do all of my daily activities and don’t have any pain at all.  I was very pleased with the staff at Allcare and their positive attitudes throughout my treatment and I will certainly recommend them to anyone needing physical therapy.


F.B. ,